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Collectively, we, "adoptees," are redefining adoption.


Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network  provides a supportive environment for adopted people, mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, and all other Long Lost Family members who have been separated from their family, roots, and origins, in a private forum together to support and validate each other, to monitor and critique the adoption industry, and build a worldwide network. Join the Facebook group here. *This forum is not recommended for adoption profiteers, their followers, or adoptive parents.


Know more about adoption than the professionals in the field. Did you know the field of adoption is still dominated by the opinions of adoption agencies and adoptive parents who are not aware of or just plain ignore human rights? By privately staying connected with community peers and family members of adoption-loss, we can balance the landscape of adoption in academia, governments, and even in the privacy of our own adoptive homes.  Learn more from The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective, here.


Your input is vital. All individuals should have the right to all information that pertains to them, yet the biggest threat to this human right are facilitators who keep our adoption documents sealed. We can counter their profitable agenda by staying connected with like-minded local and global activists. Adoption Truth gives us an opportunity to inform the public on real issues and concerns adopted people face. Without acknowledgment, the denial continues, and the laws remain the same.

Adoptee Rights Matter

A Community for Human Rights

Devoted explicitly to the needs of adopted people, progressive activists, artists, educators, and grassroots human rights organizations and all other long lost family members who want to know the history of the adoption institution and is built around progressive discussion and critical thinking.

"ADOPTEES" We Are Not Who They Think We Are

Ever spoke truthfully about adoption only to be stigmatized as “negative,” “ungrateful,” or even “mentally unstable”? I have. And it really bothered me. Here’s what I have done for you and me and our “tribe” to better acknowledge and validate our voices. Kindle Edition

FUEL STATION FOR ADOPTED PEOPLE: Partnering with You for Progress

Discover and Recover your authentic personal power. Our combined experiences along with more information fuels us. Let’s make history together. Join Adoption Truth Forum

The "Unknown" Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now

This collection, compiled by Korean adoptees, serves as a tribute to transracially adopted people sent all over the world. It has been hailed to be the first book to give Korean adoptees the opportunity to speak freely since the pioneering of intercountry adoption after the Korean War. Check it out!

Adoptionland: From Orphans To Activists

These stories are usually abandoned by the very industry that professes to work for the “best interest of children,” “child protection,” and for families. However, according to adopted people who were scattered across nations as children, these represent typical human rights issues that have been ignored for too long. Check it out!

DO we “sound the alarm” and be hated for it? Or do we let everyone sleep — and continue to be the loved, adored, and obedient “adoptee”? I say, trust your inner, greater, higher, deeper, wiser self.Janine Myung Ja, The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective
"The hidden side of adoption that many people choose to ignore." Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

Has the global push for adoption exploited mothers worldwide? Adoption History summarizes the inception and expansion of the adoption industry, focusing on its roots and consequences kept from public awareness. For years, facilitators have denied adoptees access to documents that could lead them back to their families. In defense of the rights of adopted people, a true Ethiopian orphan briefly speaks her mind about adoption.  Then, going back in time, the attention shifts from African adoptions (what’s been trending) to the 1954 Evangelical Baby “Swoop” Era, to the 1854 Orphan Train Movement, and finally to the European Child Migration Schemes. This research supports those who have ever felt isolated due to the industry’s privacy and lack of transparency.

The History of Child Adoption

Janine Myung Ja researches and writes, exposing ugly truths, because she strongly believes that knowledge is power and because “humanity is better able to protect itself from exploitation when given a historical view.” Her hope is to counter the “ignorance is bliss” attitude that is so pervasive, with too few wanting to face the fact that adoption is “lose-win.”Reviewer Mirah Riben is an author who writes about issues of social justice with a focus on exposing the corruption in the child adoption industry.
A great entry into understanding the dark, complicated side of adoption. For an adoptive mother it is very insightful and thought provoking. An important book for knowledge and for affirmation and encouragement for adoptees.
“Janine presents a compelling, rational, highly-researched foundation for advocating an evolutionary appraisal of the adoption world, followed by an equal inclusion of adoptee voices in creating positive change in the system. What makes her collection so compelling is the deeply personal revelations of the writers regarding their unique experiences, the profoundly troubling reports (much understated) of mental and physical abuse, as well as the startling recognition of how severely adoption procedures and practices are weighted in favor of existing, profit-motivated institutions as opposed to adoptee rights and consideration.”Joel R. Dennstedt

Master Your Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power

Book coming out soon!

By Janine Myung Ja

"This is a rare perspective on how to Master Your Adoption — not only for the individual but also as a community.  The first thing we need to know is that we have innate human rights.  Adopted people are forced to contend with additional burdens no other humans face."

AdoptionTruth.org does not (and will not) endorse any adoption facilitator, child processor, nor do we advocate for the sale of any human being including children even under the guise of providing a charitable service. We also do not tolerate rehoming and trafficking for adoption purposes. All humans–even people who have been adopted–deserve to have our civil liberties respected. Adoption facilitators ignore these inherent rights wherein all other humans enjoy by the laws of man and the laws of nature.​
*We include family members by birth in this forum because we are connected by nature and it leaves the possibility of reunions open.