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Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network (ATTWN) was initiated in 2011 and now one of the largest adoptee-led group available on FB.

Adoption Truth connects domestic, late-discovery, transracial, international, and people separated because of adoption from every continent. The purpose of the diverse and global group has been to:

  • Validate the vast experiences of adopted people.

    Adoption Stories: Excerpts From Adoption Books For Adults.

  • Balance the professional field of adoption.

    Adoption: What You Should Know.

  • Encourage global discussion.

    Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network.

  • Empower all family members separated by adoption.

    Connect with Stories and Heal through Connection.

What the Adoption Truth Gang is Sayin…

"There are crisis clusters that we adoptees confront either during childhood or after we enter adulthood. Many times, individual and adopted family problems interfere with good child development and adult adjustments. These situational crises can lead us into darkness for years, decades, or forever.

From my experience, I believe that Adoption Truth & Transparency is essential for my fellow adopted individuals to overcome his or her obstacles and to support one another to seek Truth, Justice, and Peace."

Osmin Tobar, Guatemala

“We spend our whole lives explaining and justifying. This is a place we don’t have to do that and can focus on our own pain and extend our understanding.”Marty Myers, USA

“I love spaces where we can speak without hesitancy & without all the opposing voices. The non-adopted will never understand our stance in all its varying degrees & with their personal bias.”Gillian Moynihan, New Zealand
“I regularly read things here first or at a greater depth than other groups or from adoptee friends.” SuLyn Weaver, Korea
Adoption StoriesAdoption Stories
“To find out that there is a community of like-minded people can be life-saving.” Jackie Park, China

What Else is the Gang Sayin’…

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network is a safe place for us adoptees to express how we deeply feel. It has been a beautiful and therapeutic experience for me to be a part of this FB group. Thank you again for this forum, it has truly made me feel connected, heard, legitimized, and not alone in this adoptee club… that none of us signed up for.LeAnne
“Honestly, Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network is the only adoptee group that I really feel safe. It’s hard to explain. Maybe because I know the Vance Twins are at the helm, but it’s also something else. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Some groups I’ve been in, I find members well intended, but the impact on me is triggering”James
Adoption has already been such a disconnecting experience from my authentic self whereby I spent my whole life just trying to reclaim it. The Vance Twins forum has helped me stay connected to my authentic self, giving us adoptees the permission to have a voice. In fact, you are the only adoptee-led FB group I know that allows us to have a voice without censorship.”Poshora

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