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This is a rare perspective on how to master adoption — not only for the individual but also as a community.  The first thing we need to know is that we have innate human rights.  Adopted people are forced to contend with additional burdens no other humans face.  We risk coping with the potential of rejection from our families of birth and adoptive families when we decide to search.  If this has happened to you, do not blame yourself.  It’s more about them and their fears.  The expectation to abide by rules can sometimes push fear into the deeper part of humanity.

If your family has fallen victim to such fears, it is likely they do not want to stir society’s waters — especially if they were convinced that the “adoption dream” was best for all involved.  It can be difficult to have the audacity to question the acts of adoption facilitators–especially if the entity was religious or political.  Do we “sound the alarm,” and be hated for it?  Or do we let everyone sleep–and continue to be the loved, adored and obedient “adoptee”?  I say, trust your inner, greater, deeper, wiser self.

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Janine Myung Ja
The rEvolutionary “Adoptee” Collective

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