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Welcome fellow Activist,
      I created a new Activist Forum devoted explicitly to the needs of adopted people, progressive activists, artists, educators, and grassroots human rights organizations who want to know the tricks of the adoption institution and is built around purposeful discussion. If you are an advocate for social equality, human rights, and child rights, this global community will give you the assurances you need as you speak and write on the topic—because, in reality, we are the authentic voices of adoption.  I think we all can agree that those of us adopted deserve to be the dominant voice in the industry.
     Through global and community outreach, we validate and support the experiences of like-minded activists. This forum is off of social media, and you get to decide on your public identity. We (the people) are the ”task force” that will generate progress and the respect we deserve. Direct link here.
Also, my sister has finally published an ebook called “Adoptees,” and you might be interested! (I personally LOVE IT!) It’s free on Kindle Unlimited for a short time or $2.99. Inside you’ll find the transcript of Korean Adoptee Suzanne Jones telephone conversation in which she argues with her adoptive mother –the wife of the Reverend Jim Jones–notoriously known as the cult leader of the 1970s Jonestown massacre. You know the man who led the Kool-aide massacre. (She plans to share the actual audios of when the reverend adopts his first two Korean kids on a stage for satellite television inside the forum.)
Did you know that adoptive parents have built adoption laws? Armed with this knowledge, we started the original AT&TWN in 2011 on FB  and, WOW! Those of us adopted have made our position known on social media! We can now do the same thing on the world wide web.

Join the “Inner Circle” on the world wide web and support the community!

Join the forum, completing your profile with what you would like to see changed, and sharing this letter with at least one other person who joins we.


Administrator and creator of Global Adoption Truth

For ammunition placards visit here.

*The ‘inner circle’ entry for the contest only counts for the off of FB AT+TWN forum.

Let’s make a statement about our innate human rights. JOIN TODAY!

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