Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Perspective

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Reviewed by Joel R. Dennstedt:  “If you are ever tempted to deny the power of the written word, especially when used to shine the light of truth upon disinformation, and most especially when that truth puts to shame the most odious misperceptions ingrained in your favorite paradigms of everyday life, consider these astonishing words shared by Janine Myung Ja in her massively important book, Adoption History 101:

Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Research

Adoption is a billion dollar industry and, as the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss.”

The perception of adoption as an extreme form of altruism and charity is so strong that the uninformed public often persecutes and demonizes anyone courageous enough to criticize it.

Criticize it, she does. With fervor, relentless research, and the power of voice given to her by personal experience — both hers and the growing number of adoptees willing now to speak out and desperate to be heard.

Adoption History 101 is true to its implied promise. Janine Myung Ja has scoured the many and varied historical records, literature, and memoirs to re-tell the tale of a process akin to, and too often literally involving human trafficking. With the blessing of White Christianity and iconic leaders like Billy Graham, massive child migration has been with us a long time, painted solely as a moral undertaking, resting on a foundation of societal misperceptions, good intentions, and often downright pernicious deceptions about the conditions and beliefs of other countries, leading ultimately to the incredibly vast and profitable business of inter-country adoptions. This is a powerfully revealing and enlightening book, deserving of major recognition in a largely overlooked area demanding the light of evolutionary change.”



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