Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

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“Designed to inform all adoptees of their emotional and legal rights, this book tackles an issue that is mostly neglected by lawmakers from all over the world. And these are highly interesting and revealing stories that the whole world should know about!”

Reviewed By Maria Beltran:  “Not a lot of people know that many adopted children are not orphans, that some of them come from poor families tricked by adoption agencies into giving up their children. Janine and Jenette are twin sisters from Korea, adopted as babies by an American couple. Growing up in a loving family, they are supposed to be the lucky ones but the desire to know their roots gnaws at them when they’re old enough. Manjula and Bhagya, on the other hand, are born to poor, illiterate parents in India and are adopted when they’re old enough to remember their parents. Each adopted child has his or her own story and this book is a compilation of their stories.”


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“Adoptees”: We Are Not Who They Think We Are

“Janine Myung Ja’s Adoptees: We Are Not Who They Think We Are is an informative and revealing book that deals with the social issue of inter-country adoption. An adoptee herself, the author certainly knows what she’s writing about.

This is a book that tries to collect the various stories of adopted children from Korea, Africa, India, and other countries, ending up in cultures and countries that are a world apart from where they originally come from. It also exposes the problematic adoption system that leaves some adoptees deprived of their basic human rights.”


 Janine Myung Ja
The rEvolutionary “Adoptee” Collective

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