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JanineSelf-Care, The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective

EVERY BIRTH WAS PLANNED At the very least, we were planned by the stars. (What could be better than that?)

There is no such thing as an illegitimate birth. …Since being displaced from Seoul, my birthplace in 1972, I feel as if my life has been pulled to revert to my natural self—but whatever that was, I didn’t know. Today, at middle-age, I accept the things I cannot change and take action on the things I can. As a result, the best thing to do when faced with people who can’t see you is to identify and appreciate yourself. For me, this means finding value in my sacred energy life force, the place which I am from.

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“This long ancestry makes us part of an amazing global clan. We might feel alone at times, but from behind the scenes we are surrounded by essences much larger than we can imagine. This lineage is in our blood and it is in our chi (our breath of life). It lives in us. We live in it. We are the extension of it: a significant member of this everlasting thread of heritage planned (and planted by Mother Nature and Father Time). Some on the earth plane might preach our birth was somehow sinful or an accident, but such is not the case. We were planned by the highest and greatest and fiercest of forces. We might not see who we truly are on the surface, but every human matters—not just a saintly few who claim to be closest to God.” Janine Vance

Remember that old insult, “Go back to where you came from?” On the first day of seventh grade, I got the message thrown at me from a busload of elementary-age school kids. But it wasn’t until my mid-twenties before I found a philosophy that gave me back to my true self—at least a remnant. The result? Humanism is a great thing. When unable to travel I was able to enjoy the wisdom of my ancestors through the exploration of several philosophies formerly off-limits like Taoism and Buddhism. Today, I am excited and proud of who I am and from where I originate. I love the narratives of all nations; each culture is a collective of wisdom and insight rooted in a profound history of strength and willpower making the framework of the human will. This is the motivation for the book. 


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