The Power of Isolation

JanineSelf-Care, The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective

Sometimes we end up ignored and isolated without any fault of our own. Sometimes we are forced into loneliness, and before we know what has happened, we are facing the world without friends or confidants. This loss can be heartbreaking—especially when we see what seems like everyone else enjoying each other’s company, being “liked,” and “liking” others all around us. We might wonder why don’t they like me? Most books focus on how to be popular, how to gain a bigger following, and how to win the most fans. That’s great and all, but there are some of us who find it difficult—even painful—to play such the popularity contest. Maybe we just don’t have the energy, or maybe we don’t want to put ourselves out there to be publically scrutinized. Maybe we are just simply too old to play man’s game by man’s rules, or maybe we are old souls, plain and simple.

The Power of Isolation – Coming Soon!

Feeling overwhelmed? Left out? Or imprisoned with TMI? Use it for your benefit! We all need a little quiet time! Ousted and alone? I like to use this time for my advantage.

Meditation opens the door to a place where all of humanity’s connected. This book shares the benefits of quieting the mind in order to get the job done and accomplish personal goals.

Let’s go on a short break from it all. Why not use the alone time for private time, self-reflection and rejuvenation? Let’s hit the reset button together! The good news is that there is an alternative to all that noise from the social media hoopla and whatnot. We can turn the noise down or off if we so, please. Doesn’t mean permanently—just until we can collect our (own) thoughts. I like to use quiet time, as they say, to find my true self.

Janine Myung Ja
The rEvolutionary “Adoptee” Collective

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