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365+ Reasons Why Adopted People Don't Buy Into Adoption.

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Why should adopted people feel the same way as adoption profiteers?

1. Adoption as a Transaction, Not a Choice:

Adopted individuals frequently grapple with the feeling that their lives were decided as part of a transaction. They never had a say in the matter, which can lead to complex emotions. This is a lack of respect for the person being adopted that adoption profiteers don’t consider.

2. Adoption Trafficking Concerns:

Children being stolen for international adoption equates to adoption trafficking. This illicit practice exploits vulnerable parents and adopted children for profit. This type of child trafficking needs to be addressed, and adoption agencies who participate in this need to be punished severely.

3. Limited Access to Family History:

Adopted people face difficulties accessing their family history, making it challenging to establish their roots and cultural identity.

4. Violation of Human Rights:

Without consent violates adopted people’s basic human rights, as it involves making life-altering decisions for individuals who never had the opportunity to voice their preferences.

5. The Pressure to Be Grateful:

Adopted individuals often find themselves under societal pressure to be grateful for being adopted, even though they never asked for it. This expectation can be emotionally frustrating.

6. Forced into Fulfilling Others’ Desires:

Adopted individuals feel forced to fulfill others’ desires for a family, turning their lives into a means to an end rather than recognizing their own agency.

7. Rehoming Reality:

In both domestic and intercountry adoption, adopted individuals face the unsettling prospect of being “rehomed” when adoptive parents can no longer care for them, further highlighting the transactional nature of adoption. For adopted people from different parts of the world, this leads to deportation into a country they know nothing about.

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Conclusion: Understanding the complexities and challenges faced by adopted individuals is crucial for fostering empathy and addressing the issues within the adoption system. Adoption Profiteers should prioritize the well-being and rights of the adopted individuals, acknowledging their experiences and perspectives. They should not create the demand for infants or children.

This post is inspired by Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists.