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Adoption From A Human Rights Perspective


Adoption Truth is a progressive, realistic, and insightful bird’s eye view of the adoption narrative, grounded in an EQUAL-rights stance, and offers numerous advantages. It facilitates support systems and resources for those who’ve experienced similar situations, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among individuals who can relate to each other’s journeys. Moreover, it encourages connections with fellow equal-rights advocates and activists, creating a powerful network dedicated to effecting change in the adoption narrative. This comprehensive perspective paves the way for a more informed, inclusive, and just approach to adoptee rights and human rights, ensuring that no voice is left unheard and no right is left unguarded.

Did you know that due to antiquated laws developed and refined by pioneering evangelicals, adoptees — even into our elder years — are not permitted access to information that all other humans on earth can obtain for themselves?

For more information on the history and culture of adoption, specializing in the intersection between religion and overseas adoption, read Adoption: What You Should Know now on audio. The history of adoption according to overseas adult adoptees.

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Welcome to Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network! We’re thrilled to have you join our community of individuals who share a deep commitment to the principles of Community Unity. At Adoption Truth, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who recognize and support our collective efforts in leveling the playing field for adoptee rights and, fundamentally, human rights. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, resources, and a dedicated network of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of truth and transparency. Together, we are working towards a more just and compassionate world where the voices of adopted individuals and separated families are valued and their rights upheld.


The dynamic force behind the Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network, the Vance Twins, has left an indelible mark in adoption advocacy and literature. Through their riveting memoirs, “Twins Found in a Box, Adapting to Adoption” and “The Search for Mother Missing, A Peek Inside International Adoption,” by Janine Vance, they offer readers a glimpse into their own extraordinary journey of adoption, along with the intricate layers of emotion, challenges, and triumphs that accompany it. Their memoirs provide a rare and heartfelt insight into the complexities of adoption, adoption identity, and the enduring quest for truth and transparency within the adoption industry. The Vance Twins‘ tireless dedication to promoting adoptee rights and human rights has been a driving force in reshaping the adoption narrative and empowering adopted individuals worldwide. Their books stand as powerful testaments to their commitment to change and the unyielding belief that every adopted person’s story deserves to be told and heard.


Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN)

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN) forum was initiated in 2011 and co-founded by the Vance Twins. Their unique outreach platform aims to bridge the gap between adopted people, mothers, fathers, & families separated by adoption. Simply put, our goal is to create a place that gives a realistic, well-rounded perspective on the adoption experience and policies. Members include domestic, late-discovery, transracial, internationally adopted people, and families separated by adoption from every continent.

Adoption Talk

Adoption Talk After Hours, the forum initiated by the co-founders of Adoption Truth and Transparency, serves as a vital platform where individuals who are not adopted can seek answers to their questions about adoption. It’s also a hub for discussions on global adoption news and various adoption-related issues. This public forum encourages dialogue, understanding, and the exchange of diverse perspectives, fostering a community where knowledge is shared and insights are gained. It’s a space that bridges the gap between adopted and non-adopted individuals, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage, learn, and contribute to the adoption discourse. Adoption Talk After Hours embodies the core principles of truth and transparency, advocating for a more informed and empathetic world when it comes to adoptee rights and human rights.


Adoption Truth Rare Adoption Books for Adults is dedicated to empowering adopted individuals by providing a fearless platform for their voices to be heard. Through a variety of mediums, including our inaugural publication, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, and the Korean anthology, The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now, we strive to expand the adoption narrative and unite passionate activists. These books not only offer a unique perspective but also connect those who’ve walked similar paths, fostering a supportive community of equal rights advocates. Our latest addition, available on audio, “Adoption: What You Should Know (What Adoption Agencies Won’t Tell You),” sheds light on a topic often obscured by antiquated adoption laws. We stand unwaveringly for human rights and the freedom to connect with our blood-related families.

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*Caution: We are heavily biased on the issue of human rights. Antiquated adoption laws ignore the human rights inborn in all humans to develop relationships with blood-related families if we so wish.

Writer’s Program

Join the Vance Twins on an inspiring journey to bring your long-awaited memoir to life. Have you often dreamt of sharing your story but found yourself caught in the whirlwind of family, work, or business commitments? Now is the time to make your literary aspirations a reality. The Vance Twins are here to provide unwavering support and guidance, helping you conquer those self-doubts that have held you back. Let them assist you in shaping your memoir so you can witness your words in print sooner than you ever imagined. Embrace this opportunity to transform your dream into a published reality.

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Q & A: Why Adult Adopted People No Longer Approve of Adoption?

Adoption Truth frequently encounters questions from the mainstream audience regarding the intricacies of adoption, adoptee rights, and the pursuit of human rights within the adoption industry. If you’re curious and seeking answers to these inquiries, we invite you to visit this page to discover comprehensive resources and insights. Some common questions include: “Why has adoption become a global crisis?” “Why do many of us feel unsafe speaking the truth?” “What is the impact of antiquated adoption laws on human rights?” “Why do adopted people no longer approve of adoption?” “How can I support the mission of Adoption Truth?” We encourage you to explore our website to find these answers and more, as we are dedicated to fostering understanding and advocating for truth in adoption.


We’re calling on passionate individuals to join our mission as volunteers and significantly impact the advocacy for adoptee rights and human rights. As an author assistant or social media supporter, you can help us spread the vital message that adopted people deserve the recognition of their experiences, stories, and voices. Your dedication can amplify the call for change and justice in the adoption industry. If you want to further support our cause, consider purchasing and sharing Rare Adoption Books for Adults that champion the stories of adopted individuals. Additionally, delve into the insightful “Adoption History: An Adoptee’s Research Into Child Trafficking” by historian and author Janine Vance, which delves into the historical context of adoption. Your involvement and support can help us make a lasting difference in the lives of adopted individuals and their pursuit of human rights. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and change the adoption landscape positively.

Support Community Unity.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey!

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For Adoptees Only:

Do you believe adopted people should have the same rights as non-adopted people? Would information on your biological family’s existence have prompted you to wonder about them or look for them as an adult? Should the adoption contract continue solely between the adoption facilitator and the applicants (adoptive parents)? Or should you be given the opportunity to be informed and sign the adoption contract based on your interest in the matter? Do you believe it is ethical for missionaries to advertise overseas children as “orphans” even though they come from families? Questions like these are asked in this “Only in Adoption” Survey for adoptees only.

Take the survey here and help future adoptees.


Do you feel compelled to help the adoptee rights community and learn about human rights? Buy the textbook version of Adoption: What You Should Know, called Adoption History. Proceeds will help protect local and global families from adoption trafficking.



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