Anyone feel like talking about adoption from an equal rights stance?

Hi! Thanks for reading! This collection of Adoption Books for Adults is rooted in true experiences based on my journey throughout the landscape of adoption. My discovery began with my childhood, and to my birth search, then grew into learning about fellow (domestic, transracial, and overseas) adoptees (from Asia, Africa, America and Europe), to finally uncovering its history rooted in the hidden losses softly voiced by the families left behind, but tragically ignored by the profiteers.  

Because almost every nation has been hit by the global movement of children, we now need to acknowledge several vital components that grow the industry. These include religion, politics, psychology, economics, history, and the lifelong harmful impact on all those involved. How does the deprivation of rights (to all knowledge) of one's own blood relatives influence mental health? How do less empowered families of various ethnicities, communities, and nations recover from permanent loss and separations from their children?  

 After all, is said and done, we must ask, what now? What are the best protective and healing measures going forward? At this point in human history, I foresee that the politics of adoption will be changing dramatically as more of the public acknowledge the bigger picture. You need to know how adoption has evolved in order to protect families from what many in the world and in history have called a legalized "child migration scheme." 

 These books give rare insight you probably won't find anywhere else—because those who profit don't want you to know. We all know that all we need to do is follow the money. When we know more, we are empowered to stand for what is rightfully ours—not just for ourselves, but for fellow humans around the world and for future generations.  

 According to the poll results initiated by Adoption Truth Transparency Worldwide Network in 2019, 74.3% of all adopted people surveyed admitted to having had thoughts of suicide (80% according to the ongoing 2020+ survey.) If we want to strengthen the community, we must see adoption from the deepest dimensions and its highest realm rooted in equal rights. I believe we can do this by sharing stories. Sharing and caring are the motivations from which I research and write. If you like to read and would like to help the community speak truth to power, I think you will find value in this collective.  

 I've devoted 20 years of my life to what has become a life-long task of pulling up never-ending curiosities of vital information. I now hand the baton to you. I ask that you share these stories with your circle of friends because your words have the power to shift the dynamic in all areas of life. If you received a copy from an online store, consider writing words of encouragement or in the review section of the product description. Or join a book club that discusses adoption. Your positive book review and/or feedback as an alliance will not only uplift me, but they can inspire whoever is fortunate enough to find your strong equal rights stance and agreement. Thanks so much for your help and support!! 

 Janine Myung Ja 

Adoption Books for Adults