Adoption Profiteers Favor The Commodification & Commercialization of Infants & Children.

Adoption Profiteers Favor Commodification & Commercialization of Infants & Children.

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Learn 7 Crucial Signs of Grooming. Discover Relinquishment Tactics Used by Adoption Profiteers.

Grooming is a manipulative tactic adoption profiteers use to gain control over their victims, often leading to various forms of exploitation and harm. Understanding grooming and recognizing its warning signs is essential to protect your family from potential harm. In this blog, I’ll delve into the top 7 signs of grooming and provide insights on how you can prevent it from happening.

1. Free Housing and Laptops

One of the earliest signs of grooming is when the adoption agency will shower you with support, free counseling, and potential gifts, favors, or attention. Predators often use these gestures to establish trust and dependency.

2. Isolation from the Father, Friends, and Family

Groomers may gradually isolate their victims by discouraging them from spending time with friends and family. They aim to cut off support networks, making the victim more vulnerable.

3. Emotional Manipulation & Coercion

Emotional manipulation is a hallmark of grooming. It involves tactics like guilt-tripping, gaslighting, or making the victim feel indebted to the groomer. An excellent strategy that adoption profiteers use is the albums full of wanting desperate couples. Another tactic adoption profiteers use is that they are humanitarian or Christian. Adoption agencies use God, religion, or a loving name of their company to imply they have good intentions. At the end of the day, they want to increase their numbers.

Adoption profiteers and adopters easily troll on social media or can message anyone that they have a baby available or want to adopt a baby. The requests can be quite crude.

4.  Boundary Invasion

Groomers often push boundaries, starting with introducing the album of potential adopters and gradually escalating to involving these paying customers to build a ‘trusting’ relationship. Pay attention if you are sucked into this type of relationship.

5. Secrecy and Encouragement of Secrets

Adoption Profiteers thrive on secrecy. They may encourage you to keep interactions a secret, creating a barrier to seeking help or advice. They will also offer free counseling with their agency’s social workers. What kind of education do these social workers have? What is their intention at the end of the day?

6. Scare Tactics

Adoption Profiteers will use scare tactics and fear to convince you to sign the relinquishment papers by saying that you will not be able to care for your child. Do they pressure mothers to sign papers while drugged after giving birth?

7. Promises of a Better Life

Adoption Profiteers will promise a better life, education or career opportunities, or a better life after the baby is born and out of their life. They will also say your child deserves a better life with a married or financially stable couple. Many times, the adopted individual feels unwanted, unloved, abandoned, and isolated from the family they are adopted into, despite the adoption profiteers’ promise that your child will have a ‘better life.’

Let’s empower mothers to safeguard their infants from adoption profiteers.

Understanding grooming and remaining vigilant can significantly enhance the protection of loved ones. By recognizing warning signs and taking proactive measures, individuals can create a safer environment for those they care about.

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