Adoption is a human rights violation, even if you were saved from an abortion. Instagram @AdoptionTruth

Adoption is a Violation of Human Rights, Even If You Were Saved From Abortion.

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Understanding Adoption

In the intricate tapestry of human rights discourse, adoption emerges as a topic that ignites passionate debates. The quote, “Adoption is a violation of human rights, even if you were saved from an abortion,” encapsulates the provocative viewpoint of members of Adoption Truth and Transparency. This blog delves deep into the multifaceted layers of this statement, aiming to shed light on the perspectives surrounding adoption and its intersection with human rights.

The Essence of the Quote

At first glance, the assertion that adoption can be viewed as a human rights violation, despite being seen as a lifesaving alternative to abortion, appears paradoxical. To comprehend this sentiment, it’s crucial to grasp the underlying concerns. Critics argue that adoption infringes upon a child’s right to their biological identity and heritage. Separating a child from their biological parents, even with the intention of offering a better life, can be seen as a disruption of their highest inherent rights.

Adoption: A Complex Landscape

Adoption is often rooted in benevolent intentions, as it provides children with opportunities they might not have had otherwise. However, the ethical dimensions can’t be overlooked. Advocates for the quote’s viewpoint stress that children have a right to know their origins, culture, and medical history. This perspective aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, emphasizing a child’s right to preserve their identity.

Navigating the Moral Terrain

Amid heartwarming tales of children being “rescued” from abortion through adoption, it’s essential to recognize the potential complexities. A nuanced approach acknowledges that adoption situations vary widely. Some adoptees thrive in loving families, while others face challenges related to identity and belonging. Balancing the act of safeguarding a child’s future with honoring their rights presents a moral conundrum.  In conclusion, despite being saved from abortion, when a child is adopted, their human rights are still violated by the removal of their true identity and in place of a new identity that the adopters bought in order to rehome the child as if theirs.

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