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Thanks for joining us! I'm Jenette, the administrator, and co-founder of the Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN) forum, along with my twin sister Janine. Janine is an author of a collection of books she named Rare Adoption Books for Adults. Did you know we are a growing movement advocating for equal rights to our birth families, original birth certificates, and adoption documents? This collection of books explains why.
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Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network globally connects inter-country and domestic adoptees with long-lost families while expanding the view of adoption. This international group is one of the largest adoptee-led groups available on FB. Here you will find a birds-eye perspective of adoption from a diverse group of people, and you’ll gain insight into the latest news articles and postings from fellow members. Do you want advice on how to deal with your adoptive family or how to handle interpersonal issues? Just ask in the forum, and you will get answers from a community that already knows and understands the many layers of what it is to be adopted without you having to explain yourself. Do you still feel unsure? You can also ask questions anonymously. 
Adoption Truth provides a helpful environment for individuals and families separated by adoption.
We offer a realistic, expanded, and insightful platform--unlike groups led by adoptive parents. Through this community, we validate adopted individuals' experiences while considering the idea that we have a right to reconnect with family members of adoption loss if we so wish.
Our Goals:
  • Validate the vast experiences of adopted people.
  • Encourage global discussion.
  • Inform and empower all family members separated by adoption.
  • Balance the professional field of adoption.
*Caution: We are heavily biased on the issue of human rights. Antiquated adoption laws ignore the human rights inborn in all humans to develop relationships with blood-related families if we so wish. To build this community or to volunteer, email
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Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, the admin cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of every member. Comments do not always reflect the views of the admin. Admin reserves the right to 1.) Delete threads 2.) Remove members.
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My Question is...

"May this be a step along the road of restoring human rights to adoptees and their first families internationally and domestically (U.S.)."
Professor Gonda Van Steen, author of Adoption, Memory, and the Cold War Greece

Adoption: What You Should Know.
Read the Hard Truth here.

Valuable, Timely Human Rights Information

"A main concern in her research is HOW children were obtained, and she found that the situations were often out of the control of the biological parents. Agency tactics are exposed." - KCG

Hard truths about adoption well presented

"Janine has well researched and presented the difficult and often silenced truths about international adoption, its history, the damage it does on every possible level, and some of the progress being made. I admire her courage in speaking publicly to a society in which the ideas of 'beautiful adoption' have been marketed for decades. Her writing is both informative and personal, bringing a strong humanizing element to the subject where so many people have been dehumanized in the process." - Jalynne

I'd make this required reading for prospective adoptive parents.

"As a licensed clinical counselor, it's so encouraging to see an adoptee-led team work so hard to raise awareness about adoption. It also saddens me we have to work so hard to raise awareness about adoption. It takes time, heart and energy, boundless emotional labor to shift the antique adopter-centered narrative of adoption toward something better. The team at adoptiontruth is doing just that; and I cheer for them every step of the way. Thank you for this incredible work, I refer to if often in my clinical practice as I seek to raise consciousness about adoption-related reform and advocacy, both clinically in the field of mental health as well as within the walls of the local church." - Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC