Adoption is a Violation of Human Rights, even if you were saved from abortion. Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network and Instagram @AdoptionTruth

Adoption is a Human Rights Violation, Even If You Were Saved From Abortion.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network

4 Reasons Why Adoption is a Human Rights Violation and the Selfish Drive Behind Adoption.

Observing adoptive parents for over 50 years reveals a stark truth—some adopt primarily to fulfill their own desires to create families. This self-interest fuels demand, impacting society and individuals.

Pricing Children: A Startling Reality

Adoption profiteers market children based on factors such as color, age, special needs, or country of origin. This commercialization is a deeply unsettling facet of adoption, stripping innocent children of their dignity.

Tearing Families Apart: The Fallout

A profit-driven approach to adoption often results in unnecessary family separations to meet demand. This practice not only infringes upon the rights of children and families but also erodes our society’s fabric and cultural values.

Balancing Act: Profit vs. Respect

Adoption profiteers should grapple with a moral dilemma. They aim to expand their adoption business while professing to respect culture and human rights. Navigating these conflicting interests is challenging, often compromising genuine respect.

Advocating for Change

It’s high time we reevaluate the conventional narrative surrounding adoption. We, Adoption Truth, must amplify our voices and experiences because we embody the living truth behind the numbers. Scrutinizing the adoption industry, its motives, and its effects on society, children, and families is imperative. Through this, we can work towards truth and transparency —one that upholds the dignity and rights of all involved.

In a world where adoption often resembles a business, it’s crucial to consider the perspective of those who’ve lived it.  Join us in this exploration of adoption’s complexities and the urgent need for a more humane, respectful approach.

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This post was inspired by Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists.