Rev. Dr. Janine Vance (Myung Ja) reading from her first memoir.

Who is the Author of Rare Adoption Books for Adults?

Author Janine Vance has been writing short stories since her adoptive mother passed away in 1997. She started investigating the history of intercountry adoption after her first trip to Seoul, South Korea, in 2004.

Vance wrote and compiled numerous books, including two memoirs: Twins Found in a Box and The Search for Mother MissingShe then wrote Adoption: What You Should Know, available to the public (*The textbook version is titled Adoption History.) Her books can be compiled inside Adoption Stories: Excerpts from Books for Adults. The four books, as mentioned above, received gold and silver medals from Readers’ Favorites, an international book club.

The Vance Twins interviewed in Seattle, Washington, in 1997.

Who are the Vance Twins?

In 2011, Janine and her twin, known as the “Vance Twins,” established the Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN), the first forum on social media to include individuals, parents, siblings, and families separated by adoption. From that group, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, became the first anthology the author compiled inspired by Against Child Trafficking, containing the unheard voices of adopted people from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. She and her twin volunteered another year to compile and edit The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now.

Gold and Silver medals won by Dr. Rev. Janine Vance, from Readers' Favorites, An International Book Club.
Gold and Silver medals won by Dr. Rev. Janine Vance, from Readers’ Favorites, An International Book Club.

The author wrote seven feature-length screenplays on the evolution of the intercountry adoptee experience to be optioned overseas. She also wrote a few documentaries on the dark side of adoption yet to be produced.

What was the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium?

In an effort to protect local and global families from the crisis of adoption trafficking, Janine and her twin recently curated and directed An Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium at the Washington State History Museum, inspired by her history book Adoption History: An Adoptee’s Research into Child Trafficking. More information can be found at (Note: the mainstream version is titled Adoption: What You Should Know.)

Claim Your Authentic Power

Because of the discovery that adopted people have been significantly more abused than non-adopted people and that they are stripped of inherent human rights caused by a global billion-dollar industry, Janine wrote Master Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power to uplift and empower adopted people who had been exploited by the system of adoption.

Write-for-Your-Life Retreats With the Book Doctor

Between 2016 and 2018, Vance wrote the meditation book The Power of Isolation; and to offer simple insights from an Eastern Philosopher’s perspective, she wrote Going Back to Zen. The author offers private and personalized writing retreats with her twin at

Writing Your Memoir or Does Your Book Need a Facelift?

Today, the author enjoys serving as a book doctor, specializing in helping others write their memoir, giving facelifts to outdated books, and developing and producing new books for busy people, organizations, events, and businesses at Sometimes she is also available for speaking engagements and to officiate nontraditional celebrations.

Private and Personalized Writing Coach

Reverend Dr. Janine Vance, Philosophy, specializing in Conscious Centered-Living, a divinity degree, considers herself a retired researcher and historian on the topic of adoption, yet, for some reason, another book idea seems to pop up in her mind to be explored and manifested into a physical reality.

Since 1984, the author has served as her adoptive father’s primary caregiver prompted by a 100-foot hang-gliding fall, resulting in a traumatic brain injury and physical disability. He passed away in 2022 at age 90.

Vance’s charity of choice is Against Child Trafficking in the USA. Inside the United States, you can donate to, a 501(c)(3), for a tax deduction.