Let’s Talk Adoption


We offer a deeper and wider description of adoption as opposed to the one-sided stories promoted by adoption agency advertising, marketing campaigns, adoptive parents, or wanting adopters.  Your voice matters. Let your voice be heard.  TOGETHER, we are strong

Let’s Talk Adoption is a forum led by domestic and international adopted individuals. Some people no longer feel safe talking about adoption on FB where adoptive family members and friends can see what we’re saying.

Let’s Talk Adoption educates and increases awareness on many issues adopted people face but are kept behind closed doors.  Adopters and potential adopters can learn a lot from our community.  Many adopters want to hear the adopted person’s experiences and needs help and advice with raising the children they adopted.  We can help young adopted children by teaching their adoptive parents.

The Let’s Talk Adoption offers resources for everyone, but can also serve as a place to discuss whatever is important to you–if you want to keep issues or concerns separate from social media. To join, you can either create a username and profile using your blog, website, organization or even your social media page or profile or simply create a username as yourself.  If you are from an adoptee-led organization and you place our forum or website into your website or blog as a resource then thousands of people will see your organization within the discussions.  The more you post or comment the more likely your voice will be heard. If you wish to remain private you can also create an incognito profile. Take a look at @Adoption profile as an example. If you need help, send my sister an email at jenette@adoptiontruth.org

Would you like to help the community? We are looking for representatives from each state and country to post the latest news articles in the forum. If you can help, simply post adoption news into the forum, title it by the title of the article, and tag it with the state (and subject) the article is from. Your posts on adoption and contribution help all of us. We appreciate your eye on worldwide adoption news.

Truth and Transparency