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Janine Myung Ja’s twenty year philosophical writing career has culminated into what she calls The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective: a ten book (plus a bonus book!) look at adoption from diverse angles consisting of two memoirs, two anthologies, two research books, two empowerment, and two philosophy based on the way of nature.

“The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective represents a journey of discovery into the land of adoption from orphanhood to growing up adopted in the 1970s through the 1990s, to traveling back to motherland and connecting with other adoptees, to listening to the experiences of adoptees from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, which prompted me to research the history of adoption, its inception, its unethical branches, and even the cult-ure of it in extreme cases, to an alternative look at the practice from an innate human rights point of view, to finally appreciating my motherland and all of its free treasures, to the power of oneness and independence founded on the idea that we can align with the true-self based on whoever we decide that to be as individuals and the collective.”~Janine Myung Ja
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Ever been asked,
“What are you?”

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“Like so many overseas adoptees, the Vance Twins believed full-heartedly that they were American citizens throughout their upbringing. The gist of Twins Found in a Box unveils how and why one American family expanded their belief system to include an alternative and eccentric philosophy outside the scope of their upbringing. The author considers herself to be another proud all-American product of the X-Generation. She shares her childhood upbringing focused on the typical things American kids were faced with in the 1980s, like a religious upbringing, the divorce of parents, and, oh yeah, finding out she was not a citizen of the United States at the age of 25.

Ever wondered, “Who am I”?


Janine’s story is a deeply revealing look at the innermost thoughts of a younger Janine as her life was beset by tragedy and she was forced to question her most firmly held beliefs. It was both entertaining and enlightening in a way I would have never imagined. I could not help but feel her pain, her love and the profound ironies she encountered.” –Kelly Creso, 2015 Commencement Speaker at the University of Washington, Tacoma

Twins Found in a Box



In this contemporary tale detailing a two week trip that explores intercountry adoption from South Korea, twin sisters naively travel to their birth city of Seoul in search of their Korean family.

The Search for Mother Missing has a lot of strengths. Janine Vance went for something more well-rounded. When issues of great pain and suffering are discussed they never come across as overwhelming, as you would expect when issues as serious as these are at the center of a book. This was a brilliant choice; to be informative without being exhausting. It helps a lot that Janine’s writing and her entire organization of this book is so welcoming, easy to follow and heart-warming. She draws you in quickly and you identify with her. It is this sense of effortlessness and the hope of the story that really makes this book gripping.” ~Reviewer Sandy Masia for Readers  Favorites