A Drawing for the Adoption Truth Gang

Your Life Story into a Memoir

Your name in the drawing doubles for each paperback you purchase, read, and send the author a message:
1. Buy any book from
The "Adoption Books for Adults" Collection
by Janine (Vance or Myung Ja)
2. Read the book 
3. Send the author a message for each book you read
& your name will be added to the drawing again!

Quick Entry:

Buy a book (or gift to a friend) from the "Adoption Books for Adults" Collection by Janine (Vance or Myung Ja)

Write your personal thoughts about the book & send to the author at  contact@janinevance.com

*Send the author an email contact@Janinevance.com with your thoughts on each book you read, so she can add your name into the pot again!

Deadline December 31st, 2021
The winner will be contacted via email.

Go inside. Listen to your own guidance.

Oh, yeah, the twins will pay for the winner's hotel accommodations

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