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“So what does it feel like to be adopted? A weird amalgamation of rejection and acceptance. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.  It’s been difficult for me to accept that my parents actually love me and that they’re not just putting me on a shelf somewhere to gawk at and to call their own. I’m still figuring it out.” An unnamed adoptee

Let’s Talk Adoption Rules:

Be Considerate

We will remove any member for fraudulence, any harassing, or abusive behavior that is harmful to other members.

No Promotion or Spam

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Suicide Prevention:

 Suggestions while participating include:
Humanity First – We are all humans. We advocate for human rights for all. It’s tough work. Let’s encourage each other.
Self-Monitor – Try to ensure that your postings and comments come from a place of alignment. Enjoy each others’ knowledge and experiences.
Allowance – Each member has his/her own opinion – agree to disagree.
Non-judgment – Try not to critique the perceived faults of others. We all have them.
Detachment – If hit with criticism, try not to take comments personally.
Protect – If insulted, placing a “FB block” can help.

*Don’t engage in bullying or harassment. Instead flag. Admin will review when possible and delete when deemed appropriate.

No Verbal Abuse, Hate Speech, or Bullying

“Bullying is defined as the intentional infliction of injury or discomfort on another person through words, physical contact, or in other ways, including the use of the Internet (cyberbullying). Over time and repeated attacks, this leads to depression and anxiety, lowers self-esteem, and produces a mentality of helplessness, which contributes to suicidal thoughts and behavior. At-risk youth who are bullied, especially those who are already depressed, may view suicide as a rational solution to their problems. The CDC (2014) reports that youth who frequently bully others and youth who report being frequently bullied are at increased risk for suicide-related behavior. Young people who report both bullying others and being bullied have the highest risk for the suicide-related behavior of any groups involved in bullying. Bullying is not confined to young people. Adult bullying exists as well. Adults mostly use verbal as opposed to physical bullying, and the goal is to gain power over another person and be dominant.”

*Group posts and comments belong to each participant.

*Admin reserves the right to delete harassment and/or abusive posts.

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*Adopted people are, in fact, four times more likely to attempt suicide than non-adoptees.

Need to talk to someone now? National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or Call 1-800-273-8255

The International Association for Suicide Prevention and Befrienders Worldwide also can provide contact information for crisis centers around the world.

Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, admin cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of every member. Comments do not always reflect the views of the admin. Admin reserves the right to 1.) Delete threads 2.) Remove members.