Vance Twins Interviewed on the show Northwest Afternoon Show, Seattle Washington State 1997

How Truth & Transparency Became Families Separated By Adoption versus Families Created By Adoption

The purpose of Adoption Truth is to prevent unnecessary separations and protect communities and families, and nation-states from being targeted and further exploited to fill the insatiable and lucrative global market demand for infants and children.

Interview with the cofounders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.

The Vance Twins have been faced with numerous challenges in their lives but somehow managed to recover. For starters, they were told that they were abandoned on a street in Seoul at birth, which prompted their flight overseas to the United States in the early 1970s.
At the age of twelve, their father survived a traumatic brain injury from a 100-foot hang gliding fall in 1984.

The twins accepted full responsibility for his care by serving as his primary caregivers. In high school, their mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in ‘97. After their mother’s death, they discovered that they were not US citizens and could have been deported at any time during their childhood. Their childhood story is told in a memoir called Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption.Korean Adoptees Worldwide Network: Vance Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption

There are more than two hundred thousand Korean-born adoptees, and the child market has spread to every continent. Pick up this must-read book and live vicariously through the Vance Twins on this adventure of a lifetime.

The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption, by Janine Vance, details a two-week trip when they travel together to their birth city of Seoul in search of their Korean family. The Vance twins have since dedicated their lives to providing comfort and care for others who have survived a traumatic loss.

Little incidents along the way serve as a catalyst that leads them into a worldwide modern-day adoptee-rights movement seeking truth and transparency.

If you havThe Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption by Janine Vancee ever thought about looking for your birth family or are simply curious about adoption, grab this book and gain insight into what happened to other adoptees as they travel back to their motherland to look for long-lost relatives during their trip to Seoul, South Korea.

Through the use of imagination and writing, the sisters work together to provide an uplifting environment for non-writers to turn their life experiences into publishable memoirs.