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Adoption Tactics Targeting Expectant Mothers Are Deeply Concerning.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network

GOAL: Empowering pregnant women to make informed decisions, safeguarding their rights as well as their children’s rights. 

Empowering Expectant Mothers:

Within the adoption industry, a complex and multi-faceted arena, lives are touched and shaped – expectant parents, prospective adopters, and most crucially, the children themselves. Reports of concerning tactics exploiting vulnerable women in uncertain circumstances have surfaced. In this article, we’ll delve into the controversial strategies witnessed within the adoption realm.

The Strategy of “Conquer and Divide”: Exploiting Vulnerability

Termed the “conquer and divide” strategy, this approach seeks to isolate pregnant women from their support networks using shame, guilt, and manipulation. It thrives on emotionally fragile moments, often when these women feel overwhelmed about their parenting abilities. Identifying manipulation and pressure is key for expectant mothers, helping them reject choices misaligned with their true aspirations.

Adoption as a Solution: Exploiting Fears and Uncertainties

Adoption agencies often present themselves as saviors, offering a remedy to uncertain futures. This portrayal exploits shame, guilt, and fear of the unknown to promote adoption as the ultimate solution. It’s paramount for pregnant women to grasp that adoption is just one among several choices. They possess the right to explore all options before committing.

LGBTQIA+ Adoption Marketing: Balancing Rights and Ethics

While adoption agencies market to LGBTQIA+ couples to solidify their families, all concerns mustn’t be overlooked. Adopted children deserve knowledge of their roots, their true identity, their biological family, and cultural heritage. Expectant mothers should ensure prospective adoptive parents pledge to uphold these rights.

The Illusion of “Adoption Services“: Challenging Perception

“Adoption services” may wrongly convey that agencies solely prioritize child welfare. Expectant mothers should grasp that adoption is a business industry driven by financial interests. Understanding the motives behind adoption empowers women to choose in their best interest.

Coercion and Manipulation: Identifying Red Flags

Alarming instances of coercion, manipulation, and even incentivizing surrender through laptops or dual citizenship have emerged. With knowledge about their rights and available resources, expectant mothers can counter undue influence and decide with the agency.

The “Best Interest of the Child” Argument: An In-depth Analysis

The argument that adoption serves the “best interest of the child” occasionally masks unnecessary family separations. Expectant mothers must comprehend their children’s entitlement to know their biological roots and access their cultural heritage.

The Role of Adoption Profiteers: Uncovering Motivations

Profiteers may spotlight infertile couples seeking completion, inadvertently shifting blame onto pregnant mothers. Crucially, expectant mothers must recognize the power that lies with them, dismissing external pressures.

Questions for Consideration before the Deposit Fee: Are Adoption Practices Truly Necessary?

The adoption industry’s disconcerting tactics, particularly those exploiting vulnerable pregnant women, demand attention. Equipping expectant mothers with knowledge about their rights, available resources, and potential manipulation is pivotal. Empowered by education, mothers can align decisions with values, ensuring their well-being and children’s. Transparency and ethical conduct within the adoption industry stand paramount, safeguarding the rights and choices of all involved parties.

This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.