Master Adoption Interior Book Design Contest

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Master Adoption Book Interior Design Contest

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Interested in the interior design contest for Master Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power? You are in the right spot. The author would like speech bubbles inside as part of the interior design concept. What is awesome about this book is that my daughter drew the lion as a school project when she was only 16 years old using a scratch art technique. My sister then used it to create this awesome book cover.

Winner Chosen will receive $500.00 and be selected as the book’s interior designer. 
  • The contestant just needs to purchase the book from Amazon and submit 5 designs that are on a 5.5 by 8.5 page.
  • The winner will be chosen by the author herself and your recognition will be placed inside the book.

After researching adoption over the years, and finally compiling Adoptopia and Adoptionized, I realized after networking with numerous adoptees from around the world that there are a lot of us who have been sent to abusive adoptive parents. If you were treated unfairly and you didn’t really have anyone to talk to about what was going on in the privacy of the adoptive home, please know that there is at least one person in this world who believes in you. I wrote this book for any adoptee who was punished unfairly, sent to a toxic environment, and tried to tell someone but was not believed –or maybe kept it all inside for all these years (like many of us do!). If this is you, feel free to join Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network, a group I formed several years ago or sent me a message on one of my profiles or book pages. There are several links at the end of this book. I do check the comments section in the book review section and when I’m able and I appreciate the encouragement and support from fellow readers. As you may already know, writing can be a difficult and lonely job. Until we meet, sending you the best wishes for success and all you do!

Janine Myung Ja, Author of Master Adoption, Adoption Books for Adults

Here is the inside of the book so you can get started: