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Adoption Profiteers Don’t Want to Stop the Business Aspect of Adoption.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network

Unveiling the Dark Realities of International Adoption:

For years, the international adoption process has been marred by a disturbing history of deceptive practices and the manipulation of children’s identities. The prevalent portrayal of these innocent souls as ‘orphans’ has served as a convenient facade to expedite overseas adoptions. Behind this veneer, parents who have suffered the heart-wrenching loss of their children have embarked on desperate journeys to reunite with their offspring. However, the adoption industry, despite its purported aims to increase the number of transactions, does nothing to support the parents separated and their children in their pursuit of reunification.

Labeling as ‘Orphans’: A Perversion of Truth

One of the most sinister aspects of international adoption is the widespread mislabeling of children as ‘orphans.’ This misleading classification has facilitated the international adoption market by creating a seemingly legitimate pretext for cross-border placements. In reality, many of these children have living parents who, due to circumstances like poverty, were forced to relinquish their children. International Adoption has done little to dismantle this misleading practice.

Desperate Searches and Stifled Reunions

The heartbreak experienced by parents who have lost their children is immeasurable. These parents, known as “parents of loss,” embark on arduous journeys to find their offspring, only to be met with bureaucratic barriers and legal obfuscation. Astonishingly, the industry not only encourages adopted people to find their families but often exacerbates the anguish by placing obstacles in the way of these families seeking to reconnect.

The Industry’s Stranglehold on Reunions

Contrary to its claims of safeguarding the best interests of children, the profiteer’s approach to reunions is far from benevolent. The international adoption profiteer’s focus on controlling reunions instead of facilitating them raises alarming questions about its motives. By keeping these reunions under tight control, the industry appears to prioritize the stability of the adoption market over the emotional well-being of those directly affected—the children and their original families.

Collaboration that Fuels Demand and Trafficking

The collaboration among adoption agencies, adoptive parents, law enforcement agencies, and foreign authorities is touted as a means to ensure ethical practices. However, this collaboration inadvertently fuels the demand for adoptable children, sometimes leading to grave consequences. In many cases, the demand becomes so insatiable that it drives unethical practices like kidnapping children from their families, leaving these innocent victims voiceless and helpless.

Deportation and Abandonment: Post-Adoption Realities

The industry conveniently sidesteps the grim realities that haunt many adopted individuals. Deportation and rehoming of adopted children are glossed over, leaving adopted individuals in a state of limbo when they need support the most. The government’s reluctance to intervene in such cases leaves these individuals isolated and abandoned, highlighting the systemic apathy that pervades the system.

The Market of Deception: Fueling Child Trafficking

Rather than curbing child trafficking, international adoption inadvertently provides a veneer of legitimacy to what is essentially a market of deception. The government accredit adoption agencies inadvertently fuel the demand for adoptable children, creating a lucrative market that unscrupulous actors exploit.

In conclusion, the disturbing truths surrounding international adoption’s role cannot be ignored. The labeling of children as ‘orphans,’ thwarted reunions, and the lack of support for adopted individuals all reveal a system that places power over compassion and market financial interests over human rights. It’s time to acknowledge and address these issues to ensure that the well-being of children and their families takes precedence over profit-driven agendas.

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This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.

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