We don‘t like to be a product of adoption. It sucks.

We Don‘t Like To Be A Product of Adoption. It Sucks.

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A Call for Transparency and Justice

Adoption, a process assumed to be rooted in love and compassion, often conceals a darker truth – an industry fueled by profit and perpetuated by coercive tactics. While adoption agencies paint a rosy picture, the voices of mothers silenced by the term ‘birth’ mother, crafted by profit-driven entities, echo tales of manipulation, coercion, and profound anguish.

“Birth” Motherhood: Coercion and Exploitation

Many birth mothers recount feeling deceived, coerced, and manipulated into relinquishing their children when they are in their most vulnerable situation. The adoption industry, driven by profit margins, employs various tactics to convince vulnerable mothers to give up their parental rights. This deception, fundamentally based on monetary gain, fractures families and disregards the emotional well-being of both mothers and children.

Adopted Individuals: Rights and Identity

Adoptees face a distinct set of challenges. Altered birth certificates, the denial of their right to their biological heritage, and enforced restrictions on familial connections are infringements on their basic human rights. Adopted individuals rightfully demand access to their true biological origins, resenting the imposition of permissions and restrictions on forming relationships with their birth families.

Adoption Agencies: Profiteering at the Cost of Families

The adoption industry thrives on maintaining a demand for separated families, perpetuating a cycle of monetization at the expense of ethical considerations. Families are torn apart, birth certificates amended, and connections severed in the name of profit, challenging the principles of fairness and justice.

A Call for Change: Upholding Human Rights and Truth

Our mission is to expose the exploitative nature of adoption agencies, advocating for transparency, truth, and our right to identity. Regardless of circumstance, every individual deserves access to their true origins and the right to form connections without imposed barriers.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) explicitly states a child’s right to be raised in their own family. It’s time to demand adherence to these principles and end the systematic violations of human rights within the adoption industry.

Empowering Change

It’s imperative to challenge the status quo and fight against an industry that profits from separating families. Is adoption really in the best interests of children, birth parents, and adoptive families? Does the adoption industry promote truth, transparency, and the right to one’s identity?

Adoption and Identity: Navigating Changes and Boundaries

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This blog post is inspired by Adoption: What You Should Know.