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Hi, I’m Jenette, cofounder of the Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network and the group’s Facebook administrator. My twin Janine and I (aka the Vance Twins) founded this group in 2011. We never would have thought that it would grow to more than 7,700+ members. When it comes to the experiences of adopted people, we believe that every single person matters, and we appreciate every voice. Many members are activists for open record access and family protection and preservation. We live all over the world, dedicated to educating and informing each other on the latest local and global adoption issues.

Not many people know that for the past 25 years, I’ve worked in the healthcare field. In fact, I was the Rehabilitation Director when our Life Care’s sister building was the first nursing home in the United States to be hit by the coronavirus. As you can imagine, the entire Life Care team was completely shocked.

Observing the chaos, panic, fear, and anxiety erupt was like being teleported into a nightmare that was but a never-ending reality. While it seemed as if the rest of the world gathered masks, rubber gloves, and toilet paper, the Life Care team risked their own health and worked extra long hours to fearlessly ensure the well-being and lives of our aging residents were provided for. My coworkers have transformed into heroes in my perspective, especially after watching the administrator and director of nursing immediately take action in the diligent effort to protect and provide for the elderly and staff within Kirkland.

Now that many citizens from each nation have been required to self-isolate, and the numbers of cases have grown substantially all over the world, I can say that my sister’s books are perfectly appropriate reads for when one needs a moment of solace. When life seems to fall upside down, Janine’s books offer thoughtful techniques utilizing isolation to work for and not against you. Her books give an abundance of suggestions to utilize this most unusual global solitary confinement, reminding us to hit the refresh button and link with your inner guidance. My sister writes, “Regardless of how lonely we might feel, every single one of us is connected to the heart of the universe.”

While humanity adapts to change and continues to care for our families, we must keep ourselves optimistic and in the right state of mind. It is important to not let fear control us or destroy us—especially if you are on the front lines of the COVID-19, or if you simply need to find peace and comfort during temporary moments of stress.

Since many of us around the world are required to isolate ourselves, it is imperative to use this time wisely, self-reflect, and take care of our mental and physical health.  Because of the current federal guidelines and state directions to distance ourselves from work and social activities to protect from the spread of the coronavirus, I believe Rise From The Dread could not have come at the most perfect time. 

I also recommend the book Master Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power, dedicated to our favorite cause Adoption Truth & Transparency for adopted people from all over the world. It offers a perspective on adoption based on equal-rights, which has been ignored by industry leaders and special interest groups. In contrast, this writing offers an Eastern point of view rooted in the Taoist way of nature, which appreciates all of who you.

Warm regards,

Jenette, Co-Founder

"I love this book! From the very first page, I knew this book was going to be spot on. Many of the topics spoken about are exactly what I’m dealing with in my life right now. It’s amazing to feel validated, supported, and understood."

Hanna Lee

The lion depicts the group’s spirit animal of personal power, assertiveness, and courage. When feeling down, channel the lion’s essence for strength to overcome difficulties and conquer any fears. The eagle wings represent community unity, freedom, and a higher perspective. The rare view of the landscape offers insight into what has happened in the past, and where to go for the benefit of future generations.

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