I’m Janine, the compiler of the rEvolutionary “Adoptee” Collective.

This is where I will post commentary inspired by 20 years of research on the adoption industry. My twin sister also created a private and public forum for individuals and long lost family members to be able to validate your experience and partner with you for progress working towards social equality.  This is venue that gives a broader and deeper discussion regarding current adoption issues. Sometimes, it’s not fun to know about all sides of adoption, but it is empowering! Together, we, the informed can make history. Birthrights mean more power to you. Claim your power here!

Ever spoke truthfully about adoption only to be stigmatized as “negative,” “ungrateful,” or even “mentally unstable”?  You are not alone in this.  Be validated here.

* Janine Myung Ja *

“Adoptees” we are not who they think we are

This is so important! We want you to be able to defend your right to know the truth if ever need be. Stay connected with me. I plan to finally give my private thoughts on adoption either by audios or via writing, here.

Need fuel to defend your rights?  Get your ebook today and thanks so much for joining the activists forum, devoted explicitly to the needs of adopted people, progressive activists, artists, educators, and grassroots human rights organizations who want to know the history of the adoption institution and is built around progressive discussion Let’s Make History Together!

Janine Myung Ja
The rEvolutionary “Adoptee” Collective

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