Adoption Takes Away Power.

Conventional Adoption Often Involves the Negation of Biological Identities & Can Have Profound Consequences on the Adopted Individual and Their Biological Family.

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Separating From One’s Biological Roots Can Result in These Challenges:

In comparison to Kafalah care, conventional adoption often involves the negation of biological identities and can have profound consequences on the adopted individual. Adoption, as it exists in many societies, may inadvertently discriminate against adopted people by depriving them of their connections to their natural parents and biological families. This separation from one’s biological roots results in emotional, psychological, and identity-related challenges for adopted individuals.

Adopted Individuals Are More Susceptible To:

Furthermore, adopted individuals are more susceptible to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and exploitation due to the secrecy and lack of transparency surrounding the adoption process. In contrast, Kafalah’s emphasis on community involvement and preservation of biological ties ensures a more open and supportive environment for the child.

Kafalah Adoption Offers a Unique and Compassionate Approach to Child Welfare

Kafalah adoption offers a unique and compassionate approach to child welfare, firmly upholding the principle that negating biological identities is forbidden. It is a testament to the importance of compassion, cultural sensitivity, and preserving a child’s identity while providing them with the care and support they deserve.

Connection is Key in Kafalah Care

Unlike traditional adoption, Kafalah ensures that abandoned children maintain their connections to their natural parents and biological families, promoting a sense of belonging and cultural continuity in the child’s life.

Kafalah Care is part of UNCRC, compared to the Hague Adoption Convention, which creates a business out of adoption.

This article is inspired by Adoption: What You Should Know.