“Adoption Profiteers are Happy that the transfer of a child results in Payment.” Instagram @AdoptionTruth

Adoption Profiteers Are Happy That The Transfer of a Child Results in Payment.

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Rethinking Adoption Paradigm: Why Vigilance is Vital in the Face of Adoption Profiteers

In the realm of adoption, an earnest dialogue surrounding the perils of supporting adoption profiteers has emerged. While the aim here is to foster a courteous and productive discourse, it’s essential to explore why bolstering the adoption process might inadvertently contribute to the industry’s endurance.

This article explores why supporting adoption should be reconsidered while maintaining the dignity of constructive conversation.

Aiming for Adoption Evolution

Enhancing the adoption process might initially seem commendable, but a closer examination reveals potential pitfalls. One key concern is the inadvertent perpetuation of domestic and international movement of children, accompanied by manipulative marketing tactics and the commercialization of minors. This dynamic inadvertently sustains the very industry that should prioritize children’s welfare. By engaging in this discourse, we shed light on how such practices could be restructured for the betterment of all involved parties.

Toward Thoughtful Reflection

Drawing parallels to historical shifts such as the abolition of slavery, it becomes evident that the practice of adoption can undergo profound transformations. Take, for instance, countries like Romania, Russia, and Ethiopia that have successfully terminated certain adoption practices. In some nations, the concept of adoption is strikingly absent from their societal framework. This intriguing perspective prompts us to ponder how adoption profiteers capitalize on the existing international adoption model.

Analogous Surrogacy Concerns

In a thought-provoking parallel, the emerging discourse around commercial surrogacy comes to the fore. Similar to adoption, commercial surrogacy raises questions about a child’s individuality and the ethical treatment of surrogate mothers. As conversations swirl around legitimizing commercial surrogacy, it’s crucial to consider the potential overlap in mechanisms governing both adoption and surrogacy profiteering. Such considerations highlight the broader implications for the demand and commodification of children.

Unveiling Systemic Flaws

The Joustra Report, a comprehensive investigation into intercountry adoption, stands as a testament to the glaring flaws within the adoption system. This inquiry exposes instances of child abduction, corruption, exploitative practices, and improper adoptions that span across nations. The systemic dysfunction underscored by the report shows the pressing need for a full stop of the intercountry adoption paradigm.

Perspectives from the Trenches

Roelie Post’s first-hand experiences have been documented in her illuminating book and a series of academic papers, notably “The Perverse Effect of the Hague Adoption Convention.” Her insights add an authentic layer to the discourse, shedding light on the less-discussed aspects of the adoption narrative. By incorporating such voices, we strive to achieve a more holistic understanding of the complexities involved.

Beyond Numbers: Reimagining Success

The prevailing definition of adoption success often hinges on escalating adoption figures. However, the lived experiences of adopted individuals don’t always align with this perspective. This disconnect raises pertinent questions about whose voices are prioritized in adoption policy-making. It’s paramount to consider the long-term impacts of these policies on families and individuals worldwide.

Embracing an Ethical Future

As we contemplate the road ahead, a pivotal question emerges:

Should we perpetuate the commodification of children for another several decades?

This query prompts us to critically assess the path we choose to tread. It’s an endeavor that demands introspection, empathy, and a collective commitment to an ethical adoption landscape that prioritizes the welfare of children and families over profit.

In closing, the intention here is to provoke thoughtful introspection rather than to prescribe a singular perspective. Navigating the intricate terrain of adoption and its potential pitfalls requires an ongoing dialogue that acknowledges all viewpoints. As we engage in this discourse, we stand on the threshold of reshaping an industry that has far-reaching implications for society’s most vulnerable members. Your considered reflection can be a cornerstone in this transformative journey.

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