The Winner:

*The winner can be an adopted person or anyone separated by adoption from anywhere around the world. Prize cannot be exchanged for money or be given to someone else. Transportation to the location in the United States is the winner's financial responsibility. The prize can be modified to meet the winner's needs.

About the Founders

The Vance Twins' Favorite Fiction 2021

“A modern-day mix of “The Breakfast Club” meets “The Wizard of Oz.” Hanna Lee’s book gave me LOL moments, goosebumps, shock, and surprises. I could identify with the characters on so many levels, and they hooked me in immediately! It’s an entertaining and emotional journey that speaks the truth for Asian Americans–especially Korean adoptees. the human spirit is what makes this so special.” Founder of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network – Jenette Vance

Hanna Lee,  Author of  The Ones Who Misbehave:

"I knew these women were special the moment I reached out to them.  I was searching for a community among adoptees and in my search found The Vance Twin's books.  Unknown to them, I was also in the process of finishing a book of my own.  The more I got to know these ladies, the more they began to feel like family to me.  When they offered to take my book on, they not only gave me encouragement and strength but also enthusiasm and support that I didn't get from most people that were supposed to be my family and friends.  They believed in me.  And as we all know, that makes all the difference.  The whole process itself was absolutely painless.  It felt almost too easy if I'm being honest.  They took my manuscript and worked their magic.  They were flexible with me when I felt I needed to make last-minute changes.  They talked things through with me when I was unsure of myself and my work.  I not only found working with them reassuring but nurturing of my fragility during this process.  I can't express enough gratitude to the Vance Twins, Adoption Truth Transparency Worldwide Network, and Korean Adoptees Worldwide Network."

Hanna Lee

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