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Is it Really Necessary to Separate Families Forever?

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Is Adoption Really Necessary? Three Reasons Why Adoption Truth Believes it is NOT Necessary.

Adoption is a business necessary for prospective adoptive parents looking to adopt children to create their “forever family.”  While it’s marketed as ethical and legal, adoption leads to the separation of families and prioritizes placing children with new families permanently, which inadvertently contributes to a market atmosphere where children are adopted and removed from their biological families…forever.

No Hope for Reunification:

Adoption is an extremely violent act of severing biological roots and is often described as a traumatic experience for the adopted person and their real biological parents. Unfortunately, the Adoption and Child Welfare Services Industry is considered an Industry that, in 2022, is worth $24.9 billion dollars. Adoption seeks to establish permanency within the new family, which results in severed biological ties and changed identities for the adopted child forever.

What is the Hague Adoption Convention’s Goal?

The adoption (domestic and international) industry’s focus goal is increasing numbers and permanency. The interests of adoptive parents overshadow the potential for reunification of the child with biological families. Is this what parents and families want?

Adoption Agencies Controlling the Narrative and Reunions

It’s also noted that adoption profiteers want to exert control over reunions between adopted children and their biological families. This control can be seen as a way to maintain the narrative around their interpretation of adoption and potentially secure more funding for themselves, a conflict of interest. Separating families with one hand while controlling reunions with the other hand. This control hinders efforts to reunite families and may even punish those who attempt to facilitate such reunions.

We Believe in the Human Rights of Children

We believe in protecting the human rights of children and their true identities and support the possibility of family reunification through the control of the people, not the adoption institution or adoption lobbyists. Adoption prioritizes permanency over biological connections and influences the adoption market dynamics. It’s time for adopted people and families separated by adoption to control the narrative and who we want to help us with our reunions. We don’t want an institution to help us.

For precise details on Child Rights, visit United Adoptees International.

This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.