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Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Compiled by Janine and Jenette Vance, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, is an indispensable contribution to adoption literature. The essays, poems, and letters in this compilation reflect the thoughts, feelings, the souls of those who inhabit Adoptionland — a place of truth and acceptance for the casualties of the demand for children.

A note in Adoptionland states that some of the names have been changed to remain anonymity, and that the book’s purpose “is to give validation to, and to voice concern for, families who have been separated by adoption.” It succeeds brilliantly. Anyone considering adoption–especially adopting from another country–should read Adoptionland. Highly recommended for libraries in areas where adoptions are common; highly recommended for universities where students are researching both the long-term effects of being given up for adoption, and growing up adopted. I cannot praise this book enough.”

–Lorraine Dusky, Author of a hole in my heart

Highly Interesting and Revealing Stories That the World Should Know About

“Designed to inform all adoptees of their emotional and legal rights, this book tackles an issue that is mostly neglected by lawmakers from all over the world.

“Not a lot of people know that many adopted children are not orphans, that some of them come from poor families tricked by adoption agencies into giving up their children. Janine and Jenette are twin sisters from Korea, adopted as babies by an American couple. Growing up in a loving family, they are supposed to be the lucky ones, but the desire to know their roots gnaws at them when they’re old enough.”  Reviewed By Maria Beltran

Ever wondered what adopted people are saying right now about adoption?

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists Compiled by the Vance Twins
Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists Compiled by the Vance Twins

This anthology begins with personal accounts and then shifts to a bird’s eye view of adoption from domestic, intercountry, and transracial adoptees who are now adoptee rights activists. Along with adopted people, this collection also includes the voices of mothers and a father from the Baby Scoop Era, a modern-day mother who almost lost her child to adoption, and ends with the experience of an adoption investigator from Against Child Trafficking. These stories are usually abandoned by the very industry that professes to work for the “best interest of children,” “child protection,” and families. However, according to adopted people who were scattered across nations as children, these represent typical human rights issues that have been ignored for too long. For many years, adopted people have just dealt with such matters alone, not knowing that all of us—as a community—have a great deal in common.

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