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Beware of agencies employing cunning tactics, such as creating meticulously crafted albums of eager adoptive couples. These albums are designed to showcase a seemingly perfect family, enticing vulnerable pregnant mothers to select them as adoptive parents for their children. This manipulation unfolds in several stages:

Blaming the Mother:

The agency cunningly shifts responsibility onto the mother, suggesting that she is the one who made the decision to entrust her child to this seemingly loving couple. This tactic aims to make the mother feel accountable for the choice, creating a psychological weight that can be manipulated.

Creating Obligation and Helplessness:

Mothers often find themselves feeling obligated and trapped as a result of the agency’s deliberate efforts. This feeling of obligation can make it incredibly challenging for mothers to consider alternative options, as they’re made to believe that their choice is irreversible.

Fostering Entitlement:

Adoptive parents are subtly led to believe that they are entitled to the child they are seeking to adopt. This entitlement can lead to an unhealthy power dynamic, where the adoptive parents perceive themselves as the rightful recipients of the child, regardless of the mother’s feelings or decisions.

Manipulating Guilt:

Mothers are subjected to a barrage of guilt-inducing tactics. This emotional manipulation is intended to make the mother feel guilty for even considering changing her mind, thereby pressuring her to go through with the adoption to alleviate her own perceived wrongdoing.

Pressure from All Sides:

Mothers find themselves caught in a web of pressure from multiple angles. The adoption agency profiteers, adopters, and societal expectations combine to create an overwhelming environment. This multifaceted pressure is strategically designed to wear down the mother’s resolve and push her toward submission.

In addition to these tactics, adoption profiteers employ further strategies to ensure that the mother complies with the following:

Fear of Disappointment:

The profiteers may persuade a mother that she must inform the adoptive parents if she changes her mind. This creates a sense of fear and hesitation, as the mother has likely established a relationship with the adoptive parents by this point and is afraid of disappointing them.

Building Relationships:

Adoption profiteers invest efforts in fostering relationships between mothers and adoptive parents. This makes it emotionally challenging for mothers to express their doubts or reconsider their decision, as they’ve developed a bond with the adoptive parents.

These manipulative tactics combine to form a coercive environment that pressures vulnerable mothers to make decisions that may not align with their desires. It is essential for both mothers and the wider community to recognize and speak out against these tactics, promoting transparency, informed decision-making, and ethical adoption practices that prioritize the well-being of all parties involved.

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This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.