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After Years of Forced "Positivity" Led by Adoption Profiteers, It's Time to be Real.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network

In a world where compassion and empathy should govern the adoption process, there exists a dark underbelly of adoption profiteers who engage in manipulative marketing strategies and exploitative tactics. These strategies not only prey on vulnerable mothers but also perpetuate a cycle of adoption crimes. In this blog, we delve into the alarming realities of adoption crime, shed light on the deceptive marketing campaigns employed by adoption agencies, and empower readers to be aware and informed participants in this critical issue.

Deceptive Marketing Campaigns

One of the most disturbing aspects of adoption crime is the use of deceptive marketing campaigns by adoption agencies. These agencies often lure mothers with enticing offers, promising “free birth mother counseling sessions” until they decide to relinquish their babies. However, these offers often come with hidden agendas that prioritize financial gains over the human rights of all mothers, fathers, and their children.

Ownership and Agendas

Adding to the complexity of this issue is the fact that some adoption agencies are owned by adoptive parents themselves. This raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and the motivations behind these agencies’ actions. Parents often wonder who these adoption counselors are and what qualifications they possess to be considered ‘counselors.’ The lack of transparency regarding the education and training of these counselors is concerning, as it directly impacts the quality of support provided to mothers during this crucial period. Many mothers feel they have been misled and told to sign relinquishment papers and counseled into ‘giving up’ their child, which includes when drugged after giving birth.

Manipulation and Coercion

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of adoption is the manipulation and coercion the mothers face, with no real protection or representation of these women from the adoption profiteers. This is not in the best interest of mothers. Adoption counselors are often driven by ulterior motives and use guilt, shame, and emotional manipulation tactics to influence a mother’s decision to relinquish her child. This type of behavior not only violates ethical norms but also crosses into the realm of child trafficking when done with the intent to separate mothers from their infants.

Exploitative Language and Strategies

Adoption profiteers often employ exploitative language and strategies that prey on vulnerable mothers. The use of terms like “matching” and “forever family” attempts to establish an emotional connection between mothers and prospective adoptive people, subtly coercing mothers into making decisions that may not align with their true desires. Additionally, overseas adoption scams further highlight the unethical strategies employed by adoption agencies, whereby promises of education and support trick parents into signing away their parental rights. Illiterate poor parents from rural areas of countries such as Colombia or Haiti reported that what they thought they were signing was a death certificate, but in reality, they were signing away their rights for their child, using their fingerprint. Children from countries like South Korea were labeled orphans despite having real living parents.

Empowering Change Through Awareness

The first step toward addressing and eradicating adoption is awareness. By educating ourselves and others about the manipulative tactics and exploitative strategies employed by certain adoption agencies, we can collectively demand accountability and transparency. It is crucial to differentiate between ethical adoption practices and those that perpetuate adoption crime.


Adoption is a complex and emotionally charged process that should be built on trust, compassion, and ethical principles. The disturbing reality of adoption crime underscores the need for heightened awareness and vigilance within the adoption community. By exposing the manipulative marketing campaigns, ownership conflicts, and exploitative strategies, we can work toward a future where every adoption decision is made with the best interests of birth mothers and adoptive children. It’s time to advocate for change, hold adoption agencies accountable, and ensure that adoption remains a process of love and understanding rather than a vehicle for exploitation.

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This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network.