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The adoptee voice is all too often silenced, and it can literally be life or death for some to be heard and seen.

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In the Realm of Adoption, Trust is Paramount

When adoptees embark on a journey to find their forever homes, they rely on adoption agencies to ensure their safety, well-being, and a promising future. However, recent revelations have raised significant concerns about Holt International Adoption Services’ ability to uphold this trust. One particular incident involving their former CEO, David Cousineau, has cast a shadow over the organization’s credibility, leaving many adult adoptees questioning whether Holt can truly safeguard their best interests.

A Shocking Revelation

David Cousineau’s history as a priest in Southern California has come under scrutiny due to allegations of child molestation that spanned over several years. The accusations of molesting an underage 11-year-old girl and another individual during his tenure as a priest have sent shockwaves throughout the adoption community. Despite his claims of devotion to children and the promise of providing loving homes, these allegations have painted a disturbing picture, leaving many to wonder how someone with such a questionable background could rise to a leadership position within an adoption agency.

Implications for Trust: The Ripple Effect

The implications of the David Cousineau controversy extend beyond just one individual. This incident has triggered a cascade of concerns among adult adoptees, particularly those who have been adopted through Holt International Adoption Services. The question of how an agency that claims to prioritize the welfare of children could have failed to uncover such disturbing information about their former CEO raises doubts about their commitment to rigorous background checks and due diligence.

Shattered Trust and Diminished Confidence

Trust, once shattered, is challenging to rebuild. Adult adoptees, who were once hopeful about their adoption journey through Holt, now grapple with feelings of betrayal and diminished confidence in the agency’s ability to make sound decisions. Many feel that if Holt couldn’t effectively vet their own CEO, then can they be trusted to conduct thorough background checks on prospective adoptive families? This breach of trust raises concerns about the safety and well-being of adopted children placed in the care of these families.

The Price of “Serving Children”: Financial Gains vs. Ethical Responsibilities

It’s important to address the financial aspect of adoption services. Holt International Adoption Services charges a substantial fee of $60,000 per child for their services. While this fee might be justified as necessary to cover administrative costs and ensure the welfare of children, the David Cousineau controversy casts a shadow of doubt on these claims. Critics argue that an agency that prioritizes financial gains over rigorous background checks and ethical responsibilities cannot be truly dedicated to “serving children.”

A Call for Accountability, Truth and Transparency

The trust that adoptees place in adoption agencies is sacred. The revelations surrounding David Cousineau’s past have triggered valid concerns about Holt International Adoption Services’ ability to prioritize child safety and perform thorough background checks. For adult adoptees who have had their faith in the agency shaken, demanding accountability and transparency becomes imperative.

While Holt International Adoption Services might have a storied history of helping children find loving homes, the recent controversy has highlighted the critical need for agencies to uphold their promises, demonstrate integrity, and prioritize the well-being of all parties involved. The adoption process is a profound journey that demands the highest level of trust, care, and ethical responsibility. The experiences of adult adoptees remind us that this trust should never be taken lightly or compromised.

In the end, the adoption community deserves nothing less than a commitment to excellence, accountability, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring that every child truly finds the loving home they deserve.

** For precise details on The Hague Convention vs. the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), visit here.

This article is inspired by the work of Janine Myung Ja, Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network and Co-Editor of The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now